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Ep175 The Tracy Ullman Shorts Part 1 (Guests: BT, Danny, Jordan & Clare)

July 21, 2020

Elliot Jay O’Neill is joined by BT Calloway, Danny Rosewell, Jordan Frost & Clare RR to review The Simpsons Shorts. A series of sketches from The Tracy Ullman show where The Simpsons first appeared on television before the series proper.

In this podcast, we review the first 24 of these shorts which are available here; 

  1. Goodnight
  2. Watching TV
  3. Jumping Bart
  4. Babysitting Maggie
  5. The Pacifier
  6. Burping Contest 
  7. Dinnertime
  8. Making Faces
  9. The Funeral
  10. Maggie’s Brain
  11. Football
  12. House Of Cards
  13. Bart & Dad Eat Dinner
  14. Space Patrol
  15. Bart’s Haircut
  16. World War III
  17. The Perfect Crime
  18. Scary Stories
  19. Grampa & The Kids
  20. Gone Fishin’
  21. Skateboarding
  22. The Pagans
  23. Closeted
  24. The Aquarium

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