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Ep177 The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson, Last Tap Dance In Springfield & Lisa The Drama Queen (Guest: The Simpsons Theory)

August 13, 2020

Elliot Jay O’Neill is joined by BT Calloway & Lydia Poulteney of The Simpsons Theory to review;


S.8 E.11 “The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson”

S.11 E.20 “Last Tap Dance In Springfield”

S.20 E.9 “Lisa The Drama Queen”


Lydia is making wonderful Simpsons videos at The Simpsons Theory 


Our new scripted podcast series Pulp Fury Radio is available now at 


Our next episode “The Last Known Sighting Of Irma Strauss” coming soon. But until then, check out our first episode “It Came From The Bottom Of The Ocean But Also From Space”.


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why would we produce a web series so brave, yet so controversial?


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