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The 5th All Bonus Scene Super Special (with 33% new footage)

July 3, 2021

This special podcast is a compilation of all the bonus scenes from Ep164 - Ep200. BUT ALSO

This podcast includes some PREVIOUSLY UNHEARD bonus scenes from guests such as;

Worst Episode Ever 

Baby Beard Media  

One Good Thing

Pods In The Key Of Springfield

Elliot & BT would like to extend their deepest, most warmest thanks to these guests and also the following guests who joined us during this particularly difficult year.

Steve & Woody from Ultra64 Podcast*

Rose Alice Piper 

Béa Barbeau-Scurla 


Harrison Engstrom* 

Lydia from The Simpsons Theory* 

Mia Marchant* 

Phillip Wolf (née Calloway) 

Diana Green 

Tom Burt 

Greg Larsen* 

Sheridan Morley & Simon Hamilton 

Peter Zaluzny 

David Molloy 

Ryan Duncan 

Katie Reagan 

Hottest 100s & 1000s 

Jack R. Reilly 


And especially Danny, Clare & Jordan. You are the best friends we could ever ask for. We love you so much.


(* guests who have been on the podcast since Ep164 but aren’t featured in this, the 5th All Bonus Scenes Super Special )


This is a Side Quest Studios Production


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David Billington

Timothy Burleson

Jonathan Murphy

Grant Prusi


David James Young

Patrick Lauer 

Paul Salt

Paul Goodman


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